Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Inspirational Watercolour DVD Out Soon

I am very pleased to announce out latest watercolour release featuring Jean Haines SWA - Amazing Ways With Watercolour. Jean is an astonishing teacher who commands a huge loyalty wherever she is demonstrating or running workshops. This DVD, which will be released on March 23, is designed to really rejuvenate your watercolour painting.

This DVD will unlock the creative powers of watercolour within you. Jean Haines, a member of the Society of Women Artists, reveals her techniques on how to create beautiful, flowing and evocative watercolour paintings. Jean's secret is to make watercolours  almost paint themselves. There is no advance pencil drawing just juicy, lucious flowing watercolour washes.
This DVD is designed to show you techniques to create your own paintings full of light and colour by fully exploring the awesome power of waterclour.
This is an inspirational DVD that rather than show you how to paint demonstration  pieces from begining to end,  reveales the techniques needed to unlock your own creativity.
 Jean is a hugely in demand teacher and the author of Colour and Light In Watercolour.
You can pre-order here: Amazing Ways With Watercolour

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