Friday, 8 June 2012

New Portrait Painting Production

Andrew James self portrait

I am very excited to be filming our latest  production next week with the hugely talented portrait painter Andrew James RP. Andy is Vice President of the Prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters and I just love his work. It is in the best traditions of classical portrait painting but with a fresh modern twist. It will be called Expressive Portraits in Oil and is all about capturing the essential character of someone - not just a physical likeness. There will be four portrait demonstration on the DVD including one in which he will show you just what can be achieved in under an hour!

Check out Andy's work on his excellent brand new web site.  The DVD should be released in early September. Andrew James Website

Some of you may remember him from an episode of the excellent TV series Rolf's Star Portraits in which Andy painted antiques expert David  Dickinson. David thought the portrait so special it moved  him to tears. Needless to say it was Andy's that David asked to keep and take home with him.

Below are some other examples of Andy's work.


  1. When I buy a new house, it seems to be with something more in it, after many minutes, I think about it--- oil paintings , my house then seems so beautiful!

  2. These portraits capture a great likeness and warm character. I look forward tyo checking out more of Andy's work.