Thursday, 10 February 2011

Watercolours By John Hoar

Since I posted some images from John's Help The Heroes exhibition before Christrmas we have had many requests to see more of John's work - inlcuding a heartfelt plea from John in Sweden. So in answer to those requests here are the full set that John sent me including sme stunning pieces painted in sepia.  Fans of John will be delighted to hear that we are filming with him again in September and again. listening to our customers , that DVD will feature John demonstating his brilliant  use of line and wash. It will be filmed in one of his favoutitre painting locations,  the Suffolk wool towns - places like Lavenham - which will allow him to demonstrate his style to full effect.

John does offer tuition at his Devon studio. H ecan be contacted via his web site


  1. Great fan of Townhouse Films! Have several of your films -- Shirley Trevena, Brian Ryder, John Tookey, Peter Wileman -- and watch them quite often throughout the year. Finally found a distributor State-side, so I am thrilled!

  2. Hi Kelly. Glad you like our films. We have a retailer in the USA, as you say, but you can also order NTSC copies directly from us with no shipping charges. They are sent by air mail which takes about a week. We also offer a 12% discount when two or more DVDs are purchased together. We automatically send the corect NTSC system DVD to anyone living in USA or Canada where we have many direct sale customers.

  3. G John Blockley style will keep inspiring us!

  4. Hello Townhouse,
    Another fan of John Hoar's and Townhouse Films. Is there a way to purchase file via ITunes. I do not own a DVD player anymore, but would love to view it by paying online and watching on my IPad..Thanks Bob Askew 931-636-1873