Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rare Film Of The Great Edward Seago

One of our best selling films of 2010 was the one we made with Suffolk artist Miles Fairhurst demonstrating the oil painting techniques of Edward Seago (1910-1974). Seago who was born and lived in Norfolk has probably had a greater influence on popular English landscape painting  than any other artist of the past 50 years. Sadly he died in 1974 - long before painting DVDs or videos were really being made and I have never seen any film of him actually painting. But I have just came accross a lovely short film from Pathé News showing him in action in the early 1930's. A rare gem. You can view below. You have to sit through a brief commercial first but that's the price we pay for free acess to this wonderful archive.  To view just click on the image below which will open up a viewer in a new window on the Pathé site.There's a button in the bottom right of the new window to make the screen larger.


And here's Miles demonstrating Seago's technique.


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