Friday, 27 April 2012

Postal Charges

If you live in the United Kingdom you don't need me to tell you about the massive 30% increase in UK postal charges about to descend. Ever since we started more than four years ago we have not charged for postage and have absorbed increase after increase. This latest piece of daylight robbery is sadly a bridge too far so, reluctantly, from April 30 we will be making a small charge for postage. We will not be passing on the whole cost and there will be three flat rates  - for UK, Europe and the Rest Of The World. To try and help our customers the postal charge will apply per order regardless of how many DVDs are being ordered. So the way to save money is buy more than 1 DVD at a time and qualify for our 12% sales discount as well as pay for just one single postal charge.

Royal Mail - don't you just love them? The last time people carried off this sort of thing they had the decency to wear masks!

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