Friday, 10 December 2010

Mad, Wonderful Painting Project in Bath

There's mad ideas and then there's mad ideas. Perhaps the maddest I have heard of from an artist for some time was Adebanji Alade's  wheeze to paint 500 pictures of the city of Bath in a year. Well there were plenty who thought he would never do it but just to prove them wrong he currebntly has a one man exhibition in The Bath Gallery of the first 211 paintings!!!! Only 289 to go Adebanji!!!!
Adebanji is a past winner in thre Bath Prize awards designed to promote plein air painting and this year was on the judging panel - hence his link with Bath.
Here are some more images of paintings from the exhibition and  Adebanji in action.

Adebanji's new DVD Coastal Adevntures in Acrylic is out now. and avaialble from us here: Here's  a taster.

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