Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Web Site for Aine Divine

Aine Divine the marvellous Edinburgh-based artist has a new web site. Do check it out for some lovely examples of her exciting work. When I first met her to film our Watercolour Portraits DVD I didn't know how to pronouce her first name. She put me right: "It's Aine - pronounced On-Yer as in on yer bike."
So now you know:


  1. As a fellow Irishwoman, I just had to say that I very much agree: her work really is exciting and as a nice bonus, she comes across as such a nice person in the dvd. Granted I`ve only watched the trailer, like a zillion times, since I don`t know if I can afford yet another painting DVD? Maybe one more?

  2. Hi Judith. Aine is indeed a lovely person and totally committed to her art. On her DVD she produces three fabulous portraits plus a wonderful self portrait. She really has such a talent,