Friday, 26 November 2010

It's Grim Up North

The current  cold spell has meant a dusting for snow for many of us but in the north east of the country it's been a different story. Ropbert Brindley RSMA lives near the fishing port of Whitby in North Yorkshire  and up there the snow has caused  substantial disruption.Here are a couple  of views Robert sent us from his garden today overlooking the moors beyond.

Now while the snow is a hinderance to getting about it's a joy to Robert who makes something of a speciality of snow pictures. In fact he paints one on his most recent DVD for us Atmospheric Watercolour Landcsapes

Robert has been busy in the last 36 hours and produced some lovely snow scenes in watercolour. Have a look at these.

You can see more of Robert's work on his excellent web site:

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