Sunday, 14 November 2010

Where to Find Pictures by John Tookey

We are always being asked where people can find examples of work by John Tookey. John is a brilliant watercolour and pastel painter who also increasingly paints in oils. He is a member of the prestigeous Pastel Society. John tells me he does not have a web site - in fact his internet at home is dial-up! Remember that? Here's a picture of John on location - love the hat!

However you can always find great examples of his work at the excellent Southwold Gallery. The images on the site blow up if you double click and I hear they sell all the Tookey pictures they can get their hands on.  I own five Tookey originals so I guess I am biased!

See the Tookey pictures here: Visit The Southwold Gallery

Here's an example of John's work from his DVD Taking Risks With Pastels:

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