Monday, 15 November 2010

Peter Wileman One Man Show

Peter Wileman, President of the Royal Institutre of Oil Painters is having a one man show starting next week at the prestigeous John Noot Gallery in High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire in the lovely Cotswolds.
There will be more than 40 pictures on sale in the exhibition. Here's a preview of four of the pictures on sale.

White Umbrellas Port De Soller

Evening Promenade Montmatre

Prima Ballerina

Winter Sunset

The exhibition will be on from Nov 27 to December 19.
You can view more of the pictures  here: Peter Wileman Exhibition

Here's an interior view of the gallery showing John Noott with his daughter Amanda

If you want to see Peter at work check out his DVDs:


  1. What I truly appreciate about TownHouse art DVDs is that the artists are so relaxed and willing to share their thoughts, inspirations and techniques. Several U.S. DVDs I own leave much to be desired . . . sigh.

  2. That is so kind Kelly. I also paint so I hope to try and bring nearly 40 years TV production experience together with my love of art. I hope we can empathise with the artists and try to get them to do their own thing rather than work in a rather regimented fashion.